[ZWeb] new zope 3 wiki is ready

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Oct 14 21:48:06 EDT 2006

An upgraded copy of the Zope 3 wiki is now live:


Please check it out and report any problems. Pretty much everything should 
be intact. Note: 1. no special skinning or styling has been done - a topic 
for later - and 2. it is slow, slower than it should be, I'll have to 
investigate, but later.

Both wikis are writable right now. The old wiki on zope.org is still the 
master copy, but I'd like to make it read-only as soon as you agree, to 
avoid confusion and resyncing work. Until you might want to just hold off 
on major edits.

It turns out export and import was the efficient way to move these pages. I 
didn't expect it to import cleanly first time into a modern zope, but it 
just worked! Hurrah!! Then there was a good deal of fun getting things 
cleaned up with minimal changes to the metadata. I'll post my notes 
somewhere in due course.

This wiki currently can be edited by anyone who configures a username (by 
clicking options). This has stopped most zwiki spam up till now, but there 
will be an incident once in a while, which I'll clean up. I will watch for 
problems and tighten things up when necessary. (How hard would it be to 
authenticated against zope.org via ldap ?)

Structured Text, Restructured Text, Epoz-HTML and Plaintext markups are 
available, and the default markup is still STX. Let me know if it should be 
changed to RST.

I have created manager accounts for Jim and Michael H. I'll stop here for 
now. Thanks, -Simon

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