[ZWeb] Skinning the new zope 3 wiki

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Mon Oct 16 09:49:23 EDT 2006

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On 16 Oct 2006, at 09:43, Andrew Sawyers wrote:
>>> Besides, if we choose a
>>> different design for zope.org it might be a bit confusing when you
>>> jump to a wiki site with a different design - unless that doesn't
>>> matter.
>> Well, I think this design is born from the design originally made for
>> zope.org, no?
>> So hopefully we can use something similar for all the sites.
>> _______________________________________________
> You are right Lennart - I think Jens is a little confused.  :)

I don't think so. The foundation design was based on zope.org design  
mockups, but AFAIK the actual discussion about what design to use for  
zope.org had not ended. We just took the mockup for the foundation  
site because we needed something right away and the foundation site  
design did not elicit as much discussion as the overall zope.org design.

Don't get me wrong, if we can make a quick decision to use this  
design for all zope.org-related sites I'd be really happy. I'm just  
trying to make sure we have a decision supported by a majority, which  
I did not think existed for zope.org - only for foundation.zope.org.


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