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Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Mon Sep 4 06:10:31 EDT 2006

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On 4 Sep 2006, at 11:01, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:
>>           o The simple nature of the site means a thinner page is  
>> more appropriate. Most of the content will be text that is easier  
>> to read the less wide the page is. This is not some multi column  
>> news site that has multiple content boxes.
> My intent with this layout round was not to create a layout for  
> just the Zope Foundation site, but for it to work for the Zope site  
> as a whole (eventually; we'll take this step by step, where the ZF  
> site is the first step). Some room for content boxes would  
> therefore be nice, though I expect it wouldn't be used on every page.
> I don't know whether that will change anything in your thinking  
> about the layout, I just wanted to be clear that we're not just  
> working on the Zope Foundation site here - that's just the first  
> stage.
> An alternative would be to have separate designs for Foundation and  
> the rest of the site. Anyone have opinions on whether this is a  
> good or bad idea?

I was under the impression that the two were separate and we were  
trying to decide on a design for the foundation first, because that  
site should be up ASAP. I fear if we try to come up with a design for  
both we'll end up in analysis paralysis again.

+1 for a separate foundation site design in the interest of getting  
the site *done*. Whether that same design ends up on zope.org as a  
whole is a decision we could take later.


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