[ZWeb] Re: website design discussion

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 11:26:16 EDT 2006

On 9/4/06, Tom Von Lahndorff <tom at modscape.com> wrote:
> p.s. Lennart, 1600 wide? Are you serious? Regardless of monitor size,
> do you actually leave your browser window open to that size?

Hmm. Nah, you are probably right, if it's that wide you don't.

I have 1200, though, and I have the browser maximized, yes.
In fact, I have most windows maximized all the time. :) I definitely
prefer a fixed width for the content column in any case.

> p.p.p.s. Jens hit the nail on the head. Believe it or not, but 800 x
> 600 still represents ~20% of users and I'd rather not have them have
> to scroll horizontally to get to content. Thats *way* worse than
> having extra space on the sides.


ps. I said it before, but pressed the wrong button, so only Martijn
saw it: It might be worth setting the sizes in pt instead of px, so
that it works better with large font sizes. No biggie, though.

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