[ZWeb] Zope Foundation Design 1 Version2

Tom Von Lahndorff tom at modscape.com
Mon Sep 4 18:55:08 EDT 2006


Please let me know of any bugs and what your browsers/os setup is.

Zope Foundation
Design 1, Version 2

     * Changed the layout from fixed to fluid. Right column expands  
and contracts based on browser window size. This means that any right  
column content must be fluid as well and work in various browser  
window sizes. For instance, ample space will need to be given to any  
floated images within text areas to prevent overlapping on larger  
browser windows.
     * Fixed overlapping nav text bug in Firefox/Linux.
     * Updated the logo in the upper left to be include the Zope logo  
and font (now image based).
     * Tested in Firefox/Mac, Opera/Mac, Safari/Mac, Firefox/Linux.

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