[ZWeb] volunteer for transforming ReST + templates into HTML

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Wed Sep 20 05:47:50 EDT 2006

Hey Darryl,

Darryl Cousins wrote:

> I've put everything you gave me `as is` into my little zpt/mod_python
> application and this comes out:
> http://zf.tfws.org.nz/

Great! Thank you very much!

> Notes:
> Background logo image isn't lining up on firefox

cc-ing Tom Von Lahndorff. Darryl, which page does this occur on under 
what circumstances? Which platform are you on?

> rest error on structure.html

Right, that should be easily fixed.

> 1. Directory and navigation structure for the site.

This needs to be generated; the toughest part of generating the layout. 
I was hoping you'd take a look at it. :) We need to start generating 
that based on our current structure, and instead of query (?foo=bar) 
based links, just make them normal links. Base it on a structure of 
nested directories, I'd say. Of course we don't have titles that way - 
either we need a hack that lifts the title from the individual ReST 
documents, or we need to provide the system with a list of titles for 
the individual files somehow.

> 2. How does 'upload to zope.org' work?

As to the ReST, I want to start maintaining that in the svn.zope.org 

I'm trying to figure this out. On the near term, we may just upload all 
of this into a plain zope on zope.org every time we make changes.

I'm also investigating the use of Apache and just scp-ing it into an 
Apache directory, but it appears the zope.org infrastructure needs work 
to get there.

Finally, eventually this should be converted into CMS content for one 
CMS or another. That'll take a lot of hosting infrastructure work to get 
done first, though.



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