[ZWeb] Re: the maintenance of change logs

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Sep 23 14:38:09 EDT 2006

Jim Fulton wrote:
 > While I feel what I'm doing is still somewhat experimental, I'm happy to 
write it down somewhere, if someone will tell me where. :)

How about

-> Development 	process -> ChangeLogs

or just


Incidentally I'd like to float the idea of moving zopewiki to (some 
incarnation of) zope.org. Eg put it at zope.org/wiki and merge the links 
from http://www.zope.org/Wikis/FrontPage . A zwiki product upgrade would be 
needed. I'm cc'ing the websites group/list (and tried to set followup-to 
there, but I use gmane so we'll see what happens..)


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