[ZWeb] Re: the maintenance of change logs

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Mon Sep 25 06:05:29 EDT 2006


I missed this so I'm very happy Jens cc-ed this onto this list.

 > Incidentally I'd like to float the idea of moving zopewiki to (some
 > incarnation of) zope.org. Eg put it at zope.org/wiki

 > +1 on the idea, it wouldn't even have to be in the same Zope instance,
 > rewrite rules can do the stitching-in.
 > I'd assume this is more of a foundation decision, though?

Consider this a foundation decision, let's do it. zope.org/wiki is the 
way to go.

Separate instance with rewrite rules sounds a good plan to me.

Jens, do you have enough zope.org fu to get this set up? Right now the 
whole zope.org is technically a complete unknown to me. Right now the 
implementation is the only thing stopping this from going ahead. :)



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