Zope.org DNS ( was Re: [ZWeb] http://namespaces.zope.org/zope )

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Tue Sep 26 11:39:15 EDT 2006

Andrew Sawyers wrote:

>> Yeah, definitely. And if we go with that tool I volunteer to be
>> hooked up as a secondary.

> As do I ..... 

All this DNS volunteering is great! Unfortunately, I'm a bit at a loss 
on how to proceed, as I'm not very familiar with DNS issues.

So, what I need:

* a single contact person for DNS issues that I can contact whenever 
something DNS related is needed, can advise me on these issues should I 
have questions, and who will arrange DNS matters among the three of you. 
I propose it's one of you three (Justizin, Jens, Andrew). Anyone 
volunteering for that?

* A plan of action worked out between the three of you. I basically need 
to know what needs to be done bureaucratically from the side of Zope 
Corporation and the Foundation to get this arranged. I'll leave the 
actual work to you all - I intend to only be there when stuff needs to 
be expedited somehow.



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