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Tue Sep 26 16:51:00 EDT 2006

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Hello eveyrone:

Martijn shared with me the great news - DNS
volunteers!  :^)  Fantastic news!!

Attached is the zone file for zope.org.  I can change
the zope.org nameservers as soon as someone gives me
their IPs.  I lurk on zweb and will try and pay
particular attention in the next few days to make the
nameserver config switch.

I'm copying Mark and Chris at ZC - two of our capable
SAs so they see this is moving forward.


P.S. - Obviously we can't delegate the reverse zone -
        for most hosts this is a nicety - for some
        (e.g., mail) it's imperative.  It would be nice
        if we periodically (e.g., once per month?) got a
        zope.org reverse snippet that we can use to keep
        our network reverse zone up-to-date.  Thanks!

Rob Page               V: 540 361 1710
Zope Corporation       F: 703 995 0412

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