[ZWeb] serving up static files from www.zope.org

Justizin justizin at siggraph.org
Wed Sep 27 11:54:01 EDT 2006

On 9/27/06, Martijn Faassen <faassen at infrae.com> wrote:
> Hi there,
> The DNS situation is under control, so we should be able to do stuff
> with <foo>.zope.org soon. What it does need is servers that can actually
> host content, but that's not what I'm going to ask in this mail.
> What we need as a minimum very soon is a way to serve static files from
> www.zope.org/foundation. At first I thought there was no apache that
> could take of that, but then Chris Withers got out the real truth: there is.
> So, what's needed next to the DNS Czar (Justizin) is a Static Site Czar.
> What I need from the Static Site Czar is:
> * someone who has or gains access so they can configure static sites,
> and give the rest of us minimum access so we can upload pages.
> * a single point of contact I can just ask to do stuff. Like, we have
> www.zope.org/foundation, and this is the HTML that should go into it,
> please make it work.
> The expectation is that the Static Site Czar will have less work to do
> in the future, as we probably eventually will move these bits of
> zope.org to be hosted by a content management system. This just seems to
> be the most straightforward intermediate solution.
> So, who is volunteering to be Static Czar?

I don't want to take all the cookies, but like I said, I already own a
bunch of apaches, including siggraph.org and turing.acm.org, as a
volunteer.  The latter probably contains a thousand sites and requires
very little attention - one more will barely weigh in.

Does it have to be Czar? ;d

Justizin, Independent Interactivity Architect
ACM SIGGRAPH SysMgr, Reporter

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