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Chris Withers chris at simplistix.co.uk
Wed Sep 27 11:57:58 EDT 2006

Justizin wrote:
> Perhaps I am making a wild and sweeping assumption here, but I think
> that Chris is talking about the DNS servers which are controlled by
> software the team I worked on at Rackspace was responsible for, and
> look like ns.rackspace.com. ;)

Yep, so you're responsible for that crappy ui?
Dotster's wins for ease of use so far...

> So, I'm actually curious if they have implemented a feature which was
> not high priority when I worked there, and that is the ability to
> configure their nameservers as slaves.  

Don't think so, it's just that I can "host dns" there for stuff that 
isn't hosted on their servers.

I'd hope their nameservers are also pretty robust?

> Tom - do you know if Rackspace's nameservers are capable of serving up
> a slave copy of a zone which is managed at ZoneEdit.com? 

When I wrote that email, I was actually proposing hosting the masters 
there. I don't mind being "DNS boy" for zope.org and I'd hope 
rackspace's nameservers would scale to the challenge...

> We'd like to
> de-centralize the zope.org zone so that no one individual or
> organization such as Zope Corp are responsible for / in control of it.

If I ever did stop doing Zope stuff (hahahaha) then I'd happilly hand 
the records on to someone else.

If I dropped dead (or got taken out by that hitman Jens keeps on 
promising), the DNS could similarly be moved elsewhere...

> I presume one of our volunteers is a Rackspace customer, and is thus
> offering to host our domain as part of their account.

That'd be me ;-)



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