[ZWeb] serving up static files from www.zope.org

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Thu Sep 28 05:27:01 EDT 2006

Chris Withers wrote:
> Justizin wrote:
>> I don't want to take all the cookies, but like I said, I already own a
>> bunch of apaches, including siggraph.org and turing.acm.org, as a
>> volunteer. 
> I'd prefer the stuff we're talking about to live ideally on ZC's 
> hardware...

I don't think Justizin was suggesting we run this stuff off other hardware.

On the medium to long term, I *would* like to pull in other hardware 
besides ZC's, by the way. Of course that would need to be on the basis 
of a well-supported machine. Eventually the ZF will want to take over 
the zope.org hosting, and probably not from within the context of ZC's 
hosting environment.



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