[Zope] How-to generate an XMLDocument automatically ?

matthieu MOUILLET mouilm@servunix.iutc3.unicaen.fr
Sat, 12 Feb 1994 15:57:30 +0300 (????)

Is there an "XMLDocument_add" method (or an external method) like the
manage_addFile method, which can be call to automatically generate an
XMLDocument ?

My goal is to create a CV (résumé) database under Zope :
The CVs will be input by users in form fields, retrieved by a DTML-method
and then translated into XMLDocuments to make the search easier with
Zcatalog (and to allow multiple views).
(If you have some Ideas to do this simplier, let me know)
Sorry for my poor english (I'm french), and thank you for your help
Matthieu M.