[Zope] Re: [WEB4LIB] Zope, anyone?

TMGB bennettt@am.appstate.edu
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 15:33:53 -0500

Sorry for duplication but I thought Zope supporters and users would be
interested in the publicity.

Zope was created by the people at Digital Creations (
http://www.digicool.com ) .

I've set up Zope running on its own "Z Server" with a database connector
to a MySQL database on an Intel NT P75 machine.  I am using the database
as an 'Ask a Librarian' page which will go public soon.  Zope can be
used in conjunction with other WEB servers or by itself.  With my Ask a
Librarian project the end user submits a regular html form to ask a
question to a librarian.  The form submits the patron name, email
address, phone, and question.  These are all fields in the MySQL
database.  I've also set two fields in the database, date and Record
number, to be automatically filled in when this form is submitted. 
Using sql and forms my reference librarians can respond to the questions
via email and the response is added to the database.  Librarians can
contact other librarians through the use of the forms for help with
questions.  The question can be added to the FAQ list by clicking a
check box for FAQ.  Using SQL search capabilities I can make a search
form for the FAQ.  Using MySQL, I can add fields at anytime to the
database.  I frequently use the Librarians user names in drop down boxes
throughout this project.  Since Zope is object oriented, I've only had
to create the list of user names once and refer to the object when
needed for a drop down list.  This product is capable of far more than
the simple uses I put it through.

As soon as I return from the 8th International Python Conference in DC
next week I will be setting Zope up on my Linux server.  For lack of a
better description, Zope is built on Python.  And from the Python web
site ( http://www.python.org ) I quote:
"Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming
language. It is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or Java. "
After I've copied the ZOPE data file from the NT machine to the Linux
Server, I'll send the NT URL to the WEB4LIB list so you can view the
management screen and application.  What's really neat is that when I
move to the Linux server the Ask a Librarian database will continue to
receive data as normal with no fixes or translations needed ( at least
theoretically ;^) ).

Rock and Rule,


Roy Tennant wrote:
> Is anyone out there messing around with Zope? (see http://www.zope.org/).
> It's an open source Web application server package that integrates nicely
> with Apache and (reportedly) has strong XML suppport. Thanks,
> Roy

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