[Zope] The Challenge: Zealots vs. Skeptics

Bill Anderson bill@libc.org
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 21:09:09 -0600

Marty McKeever at Work wrote:
> A recent thread has developed on a well established web development list
> concerning the viability of zope as an appserver.
> I dont want to continue the thread here, but a good question was asked and
> no suitable answers have come in.  Surely this list can help.
> The question is this:  "What are some examples of high-profile and/or
> enterprise level ecommerce or web production sites using zope?"
> Send me examples and i'll post them to the original thread.
> Marty
> PS: dont send me to YOUR website, unless you can provide the traffic
> numbers that back it up.


Is a decent starting point...
Particularly noteworthy entries:

and of course, zope.org.

It may help to define what you mean by 'enterprise level'. Seems everyone has a different meaning for it.

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