[Zope] Wish for the next Zope Release: Doc tab for every Zope entity

Philipp Auersperg zope@philosoft.at
Fri, 01 Sep 2000 14:53:29 +0200

Is DC planning to do something in that matter?

also the docstring should perhaps not be just one property, but
structured (author,parameters,prerequisites...) as it is in
javadoc (ok, we don't like java, but thats a point where we can learn from java)

The next point:
if there is a 'Documentation' tab then
every Zope developer is leaded to document his code.
( DTML is not always simple to read for other people except the author ;-)

just my 2 cents...

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On 01.09.2000 at 08:16 Chris McDonough wrote:

>I agree that instances of DTML methods, DTML documents, SQL methods,
>Python methods, objects based on ZClasses, etc. should have "docstring"
>capabilities in some sort of common-denominator fashion.
><dtml-comment> is the only way this can be done for DTML methods.
>The other objects can have properties, which could be documentation.
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>Subject: [Zope] Wish for the next Zope Release: Doc tab for every Zope
>Mostly when developing a project it should be documented as well :)
>The best would be a strucutral documentation that can be generated 
>out of the project so that it always keeps track of the software and is
>up to date
>- Python has that because there are the doc strings for classes and
>- Java has it (javadoc)
>- Zope - ?
>For Zope it would be fine if every entity in the ODB has a
>'Documentation' tab
>So I could when developing a Zope site always on the fly document its
>without having to leave y developing environment.
>Then its an easy thing to write a doc generator that queries the objects
>in the ODB
>and their documentation.
>Did I miss something and such a beast exists or is there really
>something to be done?
>I don't mean documentation in <dtml-comment>, I mean documentation as
>property for each object and method.
>Philipp Auersperg (zwork)