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neeloy_saha neeloy_saha@infy.com
Fri, 1 Sep 2000 14:27:05 +0530

Hi dieter,

Thx for ur reply.  

The child window  pop ups when u do http://localhost:8080/manage . One
enters the username and password there. That is validated against the
acl_user folders member names or if it is a superuser who installed zope it
validates it against the access file.

I want to look at the source code and understand the authentication
mechanism.That's why i want to know the following:-

1.what is the python file which pops up that child window for entering
username and password ?
2.After u give the username and password what is the file / module name
against which  the username and password is authenticated.
3.what is this 'manage'....? method/module???

Thx in advance


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neeloy_saha writes:
 > when i do http://localhost:8080/manage it pops up a login window which
 > for username and password. what is the entry point after that??
That is exactly what one would expect.

Enter the username and password that was assigned during installation
or that you set with

	python zpasswd.py access

 > Is there a way of running zope with debugger?? 
There is "Test.py" in "lib/python/ZPublisher".
It will, however, not help you with the above problem.