[Zope] Copying a dtml method when creating a ZClass instance

Tino Wildenhain tino@wildenhain.de
Sat, 02 Sep 2000 10:26:19 +0200


kamon ayeva wrote:
> I have several reasons whay I need to attach a template to each ZClass.
> Among them are:
> 1/ cases like high level folders where I might want to customize the page's
> rendering and/or skin,
> 2/ cases like contained objects which uses a generic skin (but you can still
> customize the skin of one among them, if you want)
> 3/ my site needs to be easily designed / modified by Web Designers that do
> not understand Acquisition.

Ah yes. But then, you throw all the advantages of aquisition away.
I would suggest to at least copy the template only on request,
if changes are really made. The 'web designers' should have the
opportunity to delete this template to derive their design from the
previus folder. This way you would not have all the templates laying
around in every subfolder and making changes very very hard. 
An yes, this is understandable even by the underenlighted web designer