[Zope] Who wants to do a decent ZCatalog Query Language?

Chris Withers fresh@bay-c.co.uk
Sat, 02 Sep 2000 12:18:39 +0100

Dieter Maurer wrote:
> Chris Withers writes:
>  > Don't you wish there was a decent query language for ZCatalog so this
>  > kindof rediculous complexiting to achieve a simple outcome wasn't
>  > necessary?
> I do -- but not enough to implement it ;-)

Same here :-(

I wonder if there's a standard search language/interface that ZCatalog
could implement?

I wonder if anyone could do it and then open source it? DC?
If not, I wonder whether something like Cosource.com couldn't be
leveraged to cough up funds so someone like Dieter, who has a lot of
experience with the Catalog, could dedicate the the time to do it and
make everyone happy?

Here's hoping...