[Zope] How to access id and title of document calling standard_html_header

Tim Hicks Tim Hicks" <tim@sitefusion.co.uk
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 20:46:39 +0100

For those of you who saw my posts from a couple of days ago (Dieter
Maurer and Geir Bfkholt), this is the question that I think I should
have been asking in the first place.

I have a standard_html_header that is inserted into Zclasses.  These
Zclasses have properties including meta_author, meta_description etc
(I don't think it is important what they are, just that they are
properties that standard_html_header does not have).  In the
standard_html_header, I use code such as <dtml-var meta_author> and
<dtml-var meta_description>.  This works fine and the properties of
the *zclass* are inserted.  However, if I put <dtml-var id> into the
standard_html_header, I get the id of standard_html_header, *not* of
the zclass.  How do I tell zope to which item I am refering (bearing
in mind, I don't know the name of the zclass ie it is variable)?



ps. As a workaround, I have simply given my zclasses an alternative
property (counter_id) that I make the same as the real id, but this
seems to be a clumsy way of doing it.