[Zope] Volunteers for Atomasoft?

Jonathan Desp Jonathan Desp" <jonathandesp@atomasoft.com
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 17:26:34 -0400


I don't know, but I'm searching a helper. I cannot pay you yet, because
Atomasoft is still very little, very small. I have another team constructing
NanoSoft O.S., it's a future operating system for the revolution of the
miniaturization industry (MEMS,Nanotech). I'll be able to pay people in the
future, but not yet.

I tryed several times to understand Zope. But like Bill Gates said in an
interview, The Open Source world is full of non-compatible system. So
everyday, I'm trying to work with Zope, but I'm getting big angryness. I
would prefer to see a volunteers, that know this Zope. So that me, I can
focus on my businesses. I'm more a business man than a web programmer.


Atomasoft: MEMS Center, B2B Emerging, MEMS Conference, Photonic Software,
NanoSoft O.S., MEMS Software, Design/Simulation, in Palo Alto.