[Zope] My Apologies

Jonathan Desp Jonathan Desp" <jonathandesp@atomasoft.com
Sun, 3 Sep 2000 19:24:31 -0400

Hi Zope Community,

I'm sorry about my emails, my friends said me that I was rude. I learned and
I hope to be able to don't re-do it. It's only an image, I mean, I know how
to give in return, when people give me something. I think it would be great
to get a personal assistant. If you know someone beside you, just say that
he could be useful at Atomasoft, I have several and clever ideas on how to
make money. Plus 4 projects that will make more money. NanoSoft is alot more
complex then Zope itself, and we are building it presently, with 8

Very truly yours,

Jonathan Desp
Chairman and CEO, Atomasoft Inc.
Matter will become software