[Zope] Regaining lost privileges

Nigel Head nhead@houbits.com
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 07:18:02 +0000

On Mon, 04 Sep 2000, you wrote:

> You are intrinsically reducing the platforms your software will run on as
> soon as you start trying to use external programs. If you only care about 
> Linux, then that's all well and good.

True! I'd like to find some method which is a little more portable, or at least
external programs that run on multiple Unix versions. I guess, possibly
unadvisedly, that any platform where Zope is running wouldn't be an impossible
target for some of the other tools too. Except of course the various windows
versions - but then the Admin tasks are completely different anyway, as is the
security policy and mechanism.

On the other hand the very nature of an admin tool means that its functions are
likely to be system specific to some degree ... 

> If you have a transaction database for polling, you may as well run
> another Zope as root, that only listens on the loopback device, and post
> the transactions into the root zope across SSL. At least that way you can
> share code.

Hhhm. But is all the 'baggage' of a full Zope needed in this context? I can
also share the python methods which would almost certainly have to do the bulk
of the work in a Zope anyway.

Nigel Head
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