[Zope] <dtml-comment> doesn't? Please fix... ;-)

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 13:32:53 +0100

Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:
> | What's wrong with that?
> It's wrong :-)
> <dtml-comment>
> crap
> more crap
> <dtml-comment>
> Lots of crap
> </dtml-comment>
> </dtml-comment>
> In order to parse that fragment, you need to parse the blocks in case you
> find another opening block, so that you can recursively process comments.

Yeah, fair point...

> | > It doesn't look difficult to provide what you want, but, I'm not motivated
> | > enough to fix it either at this stage. d8)
> |
> | Aww... go on, you know you want to really ;-)
> Now you know the problem domain, it shouldn't be hard for you to create
> a cut-down equivalent of the DT_String parser that only parses comment blocks.

You obviously have a better understanding of DT_String than me and so
would be much better suited to the task ;-)

Good luck, we're all rootin' for ya :P


> Take you less time than writing these emails I'm sure d;)
Er... no!