[Zope] domains (acl_users) and access via proxy

Didier Georgieff Didier Georgieff <dgieff@divinerites.com>
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 20:04:09 +0100


Our users are acessing to the Zope server thru corporate 
(ministers) proxys.

I can't get the "domains" working, while trying (agriculture.gouv.fr, 
gouv.fr, fr) even with simple one.
I'm suspecting some changes in the REQUEST made by the 
corporate proxys.

Is there any doc about what REQUEST variable is used in the 
"domains" restriction ? (I have a HTTP_FORWARDED with the 
*proxy* name (unfortunately without the .gouv.fr). I can't find 
anything on the site and the list either.

Thanks in advance.