[Zope] How to access id and title of document calling standard_html_header

Dieter Maurer dieter@handshake.de
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 20:48:50 +0200 (CEST)

Tim Hicks writes:
 > I have a standard_html_header that is inserted into Zclasses.  These
 > Zclasses have properties including meta_author ...
 > In standard_html_header, I use code such as <dtml-var meta_author> ...
 > This works fine and the properties of
 > the *zclass* are inserted.  However, if I put <dtml-var id> into the
 > standard_html_header, I get the id of standard_html_header, *not* of
 > the zclass.
When I do this, I get the id of the Z class instance.
It should be impossible to get the id of the *standard_html_header*,
if this header is a DTML *method* (rather than document) as you
told us in a different message.

Because we see different things, we need to describe carefully,
what we do. Apparently, we do not do the same.

I have a folder-like ZClass, say ZC, and an instance of this class, say ZI.
ZC has a method, say M, using "standard_html_header".
"standard_html_header" is a DMTL method (!) rendering "id".
When I open "ZI/M", "standard_html_header" renders "ZI", i.e.
ZI's id.

The same happens, if "standard_html_header" is not in ZI but
a ZC method.

Now, it is your turn to describe precisely, what you are doing.