[Zope] Images slow rendering problem

Oliver Bleutgen Oliver Bleutgen <myzope@gmx.net>
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 13:25:02 +0200

> Hi,

> I already posted this message several monthes ago, expecting a new Zope
> version would fix the problem, but...

> I have some images on my pages (let's say 10 - not a lot), rendered
> either by dtml-var or a manual <IMG> tag.
> When I render the page on some of my LAN boxes (especially with IE),
> some images doesn't load at the first time. I need to reload the page to
> make them appear. When I monkeyly hit the 'F5' key, some images do not
> show again. Argl. Anoying....

> The problem is worst ever through Internet.

Perhaps not the failure you see, but as you mention IE,
there is at least one really annoying bug in IE 4 (all versions except SP2) and
IE 5 (except 5.01). This may bite people trying to integrate zope into other
webservers using redirects.


You might want to check what versions of IE you use. 

A last resort may be to use a sniffer to capture the http traffic
for later analysis.