[Zope] <dtml-comment> doesn't? Please fix... ;-)

T.J. Mannos MannosTJ@slcc.edu
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 18:50:04 -0600


Did you see my solution to this?


this is all commented stuff.
<dtml-in "invalid_dtml_syntax"@#$#@%^>
  <dtml-do wreak_havoc>


I also posted a patch that would allow you to use syntax like this:
	<dtml-with bad_code>
		This neither renders nor preprocesses.

Same effect, but a bit cleaner.  If you'd like a copy of that patch, send me
an e-mail.

Take care,

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Won't work, the container will still be parsed for correctness at 'save'
The problem isn't getting nested comments per se, we already have that.
The problem is to completely ignore the contents of the comment tag whilst
still allowing nested comments.