[Zope] problem with virtualhosts

Daan Wormsbecher daan@deeldrie.nl
Wed, 06 Sep 2000 15:31:06 +0200

Hi all,

My server is running with Zope 2.1.6 and SiteAccess 1.0.1. I followed
the instructions
of the very clear how-to created by Anser. But it there is one problem
which I can't solve.

I want to serve pages with Apache and with Zope. The url to serve pages
with Zope should be:

In the root of Zope I add a subfolder called mysubfolder. This folder
should be the siteroot of
this site.

This is the configuration of my httpd.conf;

ServerName www.myserver.nl

NameVirtualHost 12.345.67.890

<VirtualHost 12.345.67.890 >
ServerName www.myserver.nl
DocumentRoot /home/httpd/html

ProxyPass /z http://www.myserver.nl:8080/mysubfolder
ProxyPassReverse /z http://www.deeldrie.nl:8080/deeldrie

ProxyPass /misc_ http://www.myserver.nl:8080/misc_
ProxyPass /p_ http://www.myserver.nl:8080/p_

In 'mysubfolder' in Zope I added the following SiteRoot object:

title: (ignored)
base: http://www.myserver.nl/z
path: /

Till here everything goes fine. The url www.myserver.nl/z shows the
correct pages.
But the problem is in the management interface of Zope. The generated
url in the main section
of the management interface doesn't work anymore:
Instead of sending the browser to
www.myserver.nl/z/mysubfolder/mysubsubfolder, it is sending
the browser to: www.myserver.nl/mysubfolder/mysubsubfolder which can't
be found.

I spent several days to solve this but I didn't found a solution.
Can somebody please help me out with this problem?