[Zope] Using Chinese Characters

Kelvin Cheong kcheong@vcn.com.my
Thu, 07 Sep 2000 08:53:28 GMT

i was wondering how i can use chinese characters with Zpe on Linux. does
anyone know how? According to my "mild" research so far, i found out that
Big5is a 2-byte code and is a part of ISO-10646/Unicode. It also seems to
be the de-facto for traditional chinese characters. There're also Unicode
CJK and GB. But GB is for China, which uses simplified chinese characters.
And CJK includes both Big5 and GB.

The most puzzling thing to me is how all this works. Do i need a special
browser, font server, Zope products? And when i can display chinese
characters using any one of the standards, how am i going to input it in
the first place? And last but not least, how does all this ascii and
unicode conversion work together?

I've seen a couple of chinese sites running on Zope, and was wondering if I
could get some help in here. Anyone have any ideas?

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