[Zope] [New User]: Investigating Zope...some preliminary questions

Vaibhav Goel Vaibhav Goel <vg@icelandcomplete.is>
Thu, 7 Sep 2000 15:18:23 +0000

Hi all:

I am currently investigating Zope as a possible "tool" to use for
building the back end "engine" for several projects for our company.
Some of the sites we are currently doing involve E-commerce, news, etc.

It is definitely a very powerful system and I think I have not even
scratched the surface.  I tried the QuickStart (ZAcme) tutorial
and got a feel for whats involved.  A few questions came to my mind
and maybe I am not getting the "right picture" so to say but I would very
much appreciate if someone could take the time to answer these:

1.  If we were to go ahead and start using Zope as a "back-end engine"
to build websites, basically a team of 3-4 people would be involved.
Do they have to have knowledge of Zope?  For example, I am the back-end
guy....creating, programming the middle tier code for database access
and what not.  The guy who does the front-end (ie html code, layout
) and graphics guys are not very technical.  How will I go about "importing"
the front end code within Zope?  Are there any modules for DreamWeaver
etc (Windows based tools) that integrate with Zope?  

2.  What about stuff like importing legacy websites?  For example,
our main website is built using ASP running IIS.  I was planning to
recode it all in PHP + MySQL.  Are there any "straight forward" ways
to migrate legacy stuff easily?

Again, please accept my apologies if this stuff is covered in the documentation
somewhere.  So far, I have gone through the Zope Content Manager guide
and did not see any details about these questions there.  I am in the
process of browsing through the mailing list archives and I am sure I will
find a lot of info there.

Any tips and suggestions are highly appreciated.


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