[Zope] Access and accounts NT vs ?

Coleman, Bryan bcoleman@questcon.com
Fri, 8 Sep 2000 07:23:24 -0400

I am developing an Intranet application for the company I work for.  I am
trying to come up with an easy way to tie in the Zope security model and
users in an external database. Is there a way to manipulate the security
access and have those changes reflected in a database such as Gadlfy?  
I would also like to sync the users with there NT accounts.  I have looked
at the NTusersfolder and can not quite figure out how it is supposed to
work. Being a Unix guy I dont have that much experience with NT. And would
it still be feasible to tie it in with a DB?

- Bryan Patrick Coleman
  Questcon Technologies
  (336)273-2428 ext-416