[Zope] Looking for Zope vs. Others at-a-glance comparison

Jason Cunliffe jasonic@nomadicsltd.com
Sat, 9 Sep 2000 14:55:55 -0400

> > I need to present the arguments for why we haev chosen Zope vs. Others.
> > Does anyone know of a clear at-a-glance table or anything with the main
> > contenders, features, price, licensing etc.
> You didn't collect this data _before_ choosing Zope? :-)


not really.. back then it seemed obvious to me why to try zope what's
interesting about it:

zope_pros = ['idea', 'free', 'openSource', 'Zserver', 'ZODB', 'x-platform',
'python', 'DTML', 'community', 'zopezen', 'scale and scope', 'easy install',
'External Methods', '.zexp files']

and what's to watch out for
zope_cons = ['DTML', 'documentation', 'lack of books', 'lack of demonstrable
commercial or cool sites', 'lack of  visual design sense' 'versionitis',
'zopezen', 'learning curve', 'DTML interface/edit-test cycle']

...to be clearer in a wide context

As I see it these are the alternative choices:

- Zope
- ColdFusion
- Roxen
- Vignette
- AOLserver/ArsDigita
- Manila ?

Do you agree?
What's missing?

For each of above I'd like to fill in the following:

{'name':"<name>", 'features':{<feature dict>},'pro':[<pros>],
'con':[<cons>] }


<feature dict> = {'OS': [], 'Xplatform':[], 'cost':[] , 'sourcecode':[],
'license':[], 'openSource':[]
'version':[],  'scriptinglanguages':[], 'DBconnectivity':[] )

Any takers?

If was more adept in DTML was I could put up a comparative poll page though
I suspect most here would respond like you Nils.

- Jason