[Zope] Emacs and dtml-mode +/-

Nestor A. Diaz L. nestor@engendro.com
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 08:41:45 -0500 (COT)


I have installed the dtml-mode that provided
http://www.zope.org/Members/alburt under Debian potato, emacs20 and
psgml it work so nice but i have a little question, and i don't know if it
is possible to resolve, consider the following html code:

<!-- -*- dtml -*- -->
      <!-- one of (OPTION OPTGROUP) -->
	<!-- I can't insert tag <option> here -->


Check out that i can not insert a <option> tag inside the <dtml-with> tag,
ok what i want to know (if there is any dtd guru here) is: there is
posible to define a rule in this dtd to see that the <dtml-with> is inside
a select and it shows as a correct element the <option> tag?

I know it cat be done by using brutal force but i want to be "politically

Another question?

Thats anybody know about a "html indenter" i mean something like the
program indent avaialable under Linux ? for html? i know emacs indent but
i have to press the <tab> on each line, or i'm missing some macro?

It would be nice that this program can run under zope to show the html
code generated beautifully for debug reasons, dont you think so? and
desactivate it under a production environment.

Well that's all folks,


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