[Zope] Re: Partnership with B2B EMerging?

Jonathan Desp Jonathan Desp" <jonathandesp@atomasoft.com
Sun, 10 Sep 2000 22:08:59 -0400

oh I forgot, my email is jonathandesp@atomasoft.com, if you want to contact
me, no problem. by phone too, just ask me.

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Subject: Partnership with B2B EMerging?

> Hi guys or girls,
> I'd like to know if you are interested to partner with me, for the
> construction of B2B Emerging, at B2BEmerging.com. I would need someone
> technical, for Zope. I'm enthusiast and I put all my effort toward B2B
> Emerging. I invite you to read this site, it's a wonderful concept, with a
> marketing, a new marketplace. I have no limit, I think B2B Emerging could
> become the Amazon of the B2B. That's my goal. Of course it will be hard,
> that's why I wanted to create that project, but we learn when we have
> problems. I could do the site lonely, but to be alone, it's so hard. With
> someone to talk, it would be more interesting and more special. I want to
> partner with someone, I'm searching Mister B2B Emerging, a warrior,
> strong enough to understand that it could become the number one platform
> businesses around the world.
> B2B Emerging is in the middle of Ventro and B Central. We could discuss
> about the partnership, I'm wide open. I want to change this world with
> business, are you ready, I am.
> Very truly yours,
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> Jonathan Desp
> Chairman and CEO, Atomasoft Inc.
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