[Zope] newbie dtml-if/expr ?

Tim Cook twcook@iswt.com
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 01:09:05 -0500

Daniel Chudnov wrote:
> (zope-2.1.6, rh6-linux)
> How come I can't do this:
>   <dtml-if "var1 and var2">
>    <dtml-call somefuncNeedingVar1AndVar2>
>   </dtml-if>

Your problem is probably related to namespaces and aquisition.
Aquisition is best monster you'll ever meet. <s>

What you're calling can't find var1 & var2. You could use the
-with tag in most cases (see DMTL Guide & ZQR).

I found reading these helped...  

...then I read almost the entire mailing list archives, then all
of the HowTos
Just kidding, it's not that bad. 

Now you're ready for:
(but I bet the talk was better than just the slides <g>).

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