[Zope] My Z Class

Rik Hoekstra rik.hoekstra@inghist.nl
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 11:07:22 +0200

Karl Munroe wrote:
> I have constructed a z class which contians other products. Is it possible
> for me to have access and edit the properties of the objects contained in
> the z class.
> For example. MYZClass contains an image object...how do I change the and
> edit the photo contained in the class

I don't know if I get this right. The point of ZClasses is that they
provide common behaviour for all instances of the class. This means that
if you have an image in the ZClass, it will be available in all the
instances, but if you change it 1) that can only be done in the ZClass
definition and 2) this will affect all your instances.

If you want an image that is specific for your ZClass instance, you'll
have to put it into the instance. You can change it there like any
normal Zope object. Creating the Image object inside your instance can
be done at the time the ZClass is created and you can also customize the
image object at that time. 

Please provide more details as to what you try to attain if I got your
question wrong.