[Zope] Importing multiple files into Zope

Robert_J_Roberts@rl.gov Robert_J_Roberts@rl.gov
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 10:45:34 -0700

I would like to be able to import multiple existing HTML files into Zope and
make them searchable.

For example: 

I would like to be able to point a Zope Method at my c:\python\doc
subdirectory and import not only the index.html file, but also import the
subdirectories under ...\doc\ and all of their files/directories.  I would
need to end up with the same folder/directory structure within Zope to
retain the relative addressing.

I would like to be able to then build a search screen that allowed me to do
full text search on those files/objects.

Is there something in existence in the Zope community?  And, can it be used
by a Zope 'wannabe' but a 'long way from getting there'.

I do believe I could write such a thing myself, but I'm not sure I'll live
long enough to figure out how!


Robert J. Roberts