[Zope] zope login window: how to change the 'Zope' realm/resource??

Steve Drees drees@the-bridge.net
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 16:38:15 -0500

> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Use Z_REALM env. var to set your HTTP
> mcdonc brings us this tip:
> Set the environment variable "Z_REALM" to change the HTTP "authentication
> realm" in which your Zope server
> participates.
> Additional details:
> For example, under the Bourne or BASH shells (in UNIX):
> # Z_REALM="My Realm"
> # export Z_REALM
> The equivalent can be done under Windows NT by setting 
> environment variables
> in the startup environment under the
> System Control Panel.
> Created 1999/10/23
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------

WHat if we want to change the realm dependent on the folder?

I.e. Is there a way to change this at run-time?