[Zope] ZODB export to other DB/format?

Bill Anderson bill@noreboots.com
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 22:48:31 -0600

j@aldridgeinc.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I made an effort to look through the FAQs on zope.org and couldn't find a
> definitive answer, though the ZODB faq hinted that my fears are warranted.
> If I deploy a site and store content in the ZODB, what are my options in terms
> of automatically getting it out of there and into another DB or format later
> on?
> I just installed Zope tonight and have been going through the exercises in the
> O'rielly chapters on the website. It's _really_ impressive, and I'm
> considering using it and learning some Python instead of the homebrewed
> PHP/MySQL Content Management App I've been working on, but without a good exit
> strategy should I want to migrate away from Zope later, I'm hesitant. Can I
> get an authoritative answer?

No, but you can get an answer or two for free. ;)

You can export Zope objects as XML. You can then write/find a parser that will convert these into the needfuls for
importing to a RDBMS.

Alternatively, you can store the data in an RDBMS using the SQL adapters.

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