[Zope] Zope and the GPL poison pill

Nils Kassube lists@kassube.de
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 15:18:57 +0200

Jim Hebert wrote:

> Look, I'm the last person on earth to say the GPL is perfect, or is the
> one true license, or anything else. I've heard a number of GOOD arguments
> in a number of venues about why the GPL may not be the best choice in that
> setting.



LT: From your viewpoint, should the differences between your licenses
and the GPL attract or deter developers? 

GVR: Both. It may deter GPL hardliners (but there seem to be few of
these in the Python world). But it attracts developers from the
proprietary world like I mentioned above. Many of these "proprietary"
companies are major contributors to Python and other open source
products. For example the new Unicode support and regular expression
engine, as well as several existing core library modules, were
contributed by people who also develop proprietary Python software

> But this thread boils down to a bunch of people who want to sell a
> solution which includes work other than their own, receive all the money
> from the sale, bar the client from getting other 3rd parties to help
> them improve what they paid for, and further have a legal monopoly on
> distributing that solution to any additional people.

Looks like these people displaying "utter bald-faced greed and 
ingratitude" by developing proprietary software based on open
source products are important to Guido van Rossum. 

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