[Zope] zope 2.2.1 and python 1.6

Nils Kassube lists@kassube.de
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 19:49:47 +0200

Guten Abend.

I recalled (?) my mail within a few minutes after sending. It
didn't yet appear on the mailing list. Too bad you can't 
cancel a mail like a Usenet posting.

> They can only constrain *distribution* of that software and derived
> works.  This is a serious problem for software authors, but not for
> people running Zope-based sites.

I think a lot of the people running Zope sites are developing
software too. If you use e.g. ZSQL methods and DTML to connect
to a database, you _are_ a software author. Website development
in Zope is actually programming. 

Well, but now it's time for the big soccer match in Hamburg =:->