[Zope] db newbie

Micah Freedman micahf@earthlink.net
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 23:29:46 -0400


I'm just discovering Zope and it seems to have a lot of promise. I'm a front
end designer/developer and I'm hoping Zope will allow me to create a
database driven site without too much fuss. The database is small, but
moderately complex. I'm pretty sure it needs to be relational, as opposed to
a tiny table.

I feel strange, asking such basic questions, but I don't really know where
to get started. I know a little bit about relational databases, but only a
little. I've seen in the zope tutorial that you can send an SQL query to the
database and use it to populate a list, but where do you build the initial
database? I have MS Access. Do I build something in that on my desktop and
upload it somewhere? Do I create a form to create the db from scratch?

Is there somewhere I can read about all this (in a nice Tutorial,
step-by-step fashion)? Would it help if I described the functionality I'm
looking for?