[Zope] zope 2.2.1 and python 1.6

Toby Dickenson tdickenson@geminidataloggers.com
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 10:58:38 +0100

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000 12:03:40 -0400, Brian Lloyd <Brian@digicool.com>

>> i couldn't find anything in the list archives or the docs about python
>> 1.6  from python's site, it looks like there are a lot of changes that
>> could break code.  can i run zope 2.2.1 on python 1.6 or should i
>> stick with 1.5.2?

The final release of 1.6 has some bugs that seriously interfere with
Zope. The current CVS of python 2.0 is much more stable than the final
release of 1.6

There are some minor compatability issues in Zope - I document
everything I know with my Unicode patches (which requires 2.0) at

>I've seen some people report using 1.6 successfully with Zope - 
>at this point I can't recommend doing that for a *production* 
>site, since while it may *work* we still need to assess some 
>things regarding their impact on security.

I 100% agree with Brians caution here, however....

>For example in 1.6 strings have methods, which may or may not 
>have an impact on DTML safety. This is also the case for 
>Python 2.0.

string methods are safely inaccessible as of the new security
implementation in 2.2 (hurrah for private-by-default)

Toby Dickenson