[Zope] Permission problem with my own zClass.

Max Møller Rasmussen maxm@normik.dk
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:40:46 +0200

I have made a zClass called "newsProduct" that is articles with predefined

It works nicely when I am logged on as an Administrator. I can add articles.
No problem.

I also have a site with the following structure

I want some users to be able to add "news" articles in the "news" folder.
This I can do by making a user folder in the "news" folder and setting the
users as administrators, but I do NOT want them to be able to add anything
but articles. So that is a bad idea.

Thus I want to make a new role called "author" that can only add articles.
in the news-folder.

I have made a user in the "news" userfolder, and given this user the
"author" role. In the news folder I have also checked the box "add newss"
under "author" (a single article is also called "news" in the management

My test_author can logon nicely, seeing the "news" folder as the root. And
under the "To add an item select an item type" select box, 2 products turn
up "Z Gadfly Database Connection"(No idea why!) & "News". But when I select
"news" a login prompt pops up. I cannot login as test_author, so I cannot
create any news in the "news folder."

Does anybody has any ideas about what more I need to set in order to make
the "author" role able to create articles.

Kind Regars Max M, Denmark

This is the content of my newsProduct
    Help (NewsProduct)  
    newsClass_add (newsClass constructor)  
    newsClass_addForm (newsClass constructor input form)  
    newsClass_add_permission (newsClass constructor permission)  
    newsClass_factory (newsClass factory)