[Zope] How to give content maangers ability to update a Zope site ?

Richard Moon richard@dcs.co.uk
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:19:17 +0100

How would you give a content manager the ability to update a live Zope site ?

What I have is an in-house development site with various folders and each 
folder has a manager.

I thought I would be able to let them use FTP on port 8021 to unload 
objects from the development site and update a live site on the 'net.

However it seems that FTP can only unload DTML documents and methods and 
can't unload SQL Methods, ACL User Folders or Database Connection Methods.

Plan B was to use the export facility but they would then need to have 
telnet access to the Zope import directory in order to put the .zexp file 
there, which seems a huge security gap to me.

Am I missing something obvious, how would you do it ?


Richard Moon