[Zope] SQLRelay vanish ??

Roman Milner rmilner@pointone.com
15 Sep 2000 09:00:04 -0500

>>>>> "DG" == Didier Georgieff <dgieff@divinerites.com> writes:

    DG> Hello, Since several days, the {HYPERLINK
    DG> "http://www.firstworks.com/"}http://www.firstworks.com/ web
    DG> site is unavailable.  (SQLRelayDA and SQLRelayDA).

    DG> Any information about the SQLRelay future, and download site ?
    DG> Thanks.  Didier.

sqlrelay is still very much alive.  I'm gonna do a new release of the
DA soon, with a lot of important fixes.  The lead devloper for
sqlrelay moved and had to take down the site for a while.  There are
some sourceforge pages that are available in the interim.  You can get
sqlrelay at:


And you will also need the rudiments library from:


There is also now a sqlrelay mailing list at egroups.com.