[Zope] Zope Crash!!!

Aitor Grajal Aitor.Grajal@teleline.es
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 18:06:59 +0200

I have only one z2.py running, and run all day and night ;-),
but sometimes (only managing Zope, not running other process z2.p) , this exception jump,
 but I havenīt two process, only have one.
I want know why crash....Itīs very rare


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On 15/09/2000 at 12:07 Chris McDonough wrote:

>Unless you've run z2.py "again", the error cannot happen during normal
>operation.  The error message comes from the startup routine in z2.py.
>If you're saying that you get this error every time you try to start Zope, I
>can understand it.  First, make sure there are no Zope processes running by
>"ps -auxwww|grep python|grep z2".  If there are, kill them.  Then try to
>start Zope.
>If you still get the error, delete the Data.fs.lock, Data.fs.tmp, Z2.pid,
>and zProcessManager.pid files in the var directory and try to start again.
>If you still have the problem, check permissions on the var directory to
>make sure the user you're starting Zope as has access to write files into
>If you still have the problem after that... uh... I'm afraid I don't know
>the answer.
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>> >You have started another Zope process while one is already running.
>>    No, I sure of this.
>>    The Zope is running normally, but then suddenly down.
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