[Zope] ZOPE - Size reduction ???

Shane Hathaway shane@digicool.com
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 14:50:11 -0400

mail@okstudio.com.au wrote:
> I recently transformed my web site into a zope site. It's fantastic no
> question about that but I am a bit warried about the size of the web
> site. I already had to ask for user quota increase and it looks like
> I'll have to do it again soon. I got rid of the tutorial, products I did
> not need, the unnecessary doc files I deleted the quick start directory
> and I am flushing and packing the database often. What else can I do to
> decrease the size of ZOPE?

If all python files have been compiled, you can remove the sources. 
Here's a command that should do it all at once. :-)

rm `find . -name '*.py' -exec test -e {}c \; -print`